Challenge to security and safety

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Challenge to Security and Safety

It is believed safety is the highest priority. To accomplish the job without any problems is a matter of course, but because of that we trust that customers assign us important task.

The stem of the safety is comprises of valuable human power.
50 years of experience since foundation which has been continuously taken over by our skilled staff members.

50 Years Experience with Eealth of Business Results

Fujiwara Juki was founded 1962 by former president, Mr. Naoyuki Fujiwara, and celebrated 50th anniversary in 2012.

Our company was started in transport in the building business field. Around 40 years ago following expansion in business and customers we entered into new developments such as installation commercial kitchen equipment, furnace line, plastic injection moulding line, machine press line, etc.

We have been  accumulating  experience  and  knowledge, having  successfully  achieved  several  monumental jobs  such  as  relocation  Japan’s largest 6300 ton capacity (520 ton weight) injection moulding machine, installation the world class 12000 ton capacity press machine (800 ton weight), installation approx.. 100 meter long continuous rice cooking line, etc.

Following  everlasting  evolving  in modern technology, upsizing machine scale, introduction of brand new machines, etc. we also continue to exert ourselves to respond any requirements in best and safest way.

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